Lutz Vorderwülbecke grew up in Berlin, completed his undergraduate studies at The George Washington University and earned his masters degree at the University of the Arts London. Following years in education, he immediately started his own photographic business in England and subsequently in Germany. During his time in London, Lutz developed his signature panchromatic picture language. A style he continues to explore today. 



In 2007, Lutz founded his first photographic business in London. He decided against the traditional assistant pathway and straightaway focused on his own identity. Building upon the notion that subjects are best represented pure, Lutz set out to photographed interiors.

Lutz captures buildings at their most natural. He uses artificial lighting only as an additional measure to carefully design a natural pattern on light within any given space. As a result, his work has been featured across the globe in magazines and advertising campaigns of some the worlds leading hotel brands.

In 2013, Lutz relocated to Berlin where he continues to work with his renowned international clientele and was able to reconnoiter into the city’s establish art scene.



In an effort to distinguish his commercial work from that of other photographers, Lutz uses as much natural light as possible to naturally highlight all facets of any subject. However, he does value the creative possibilities of light shaping tools, and uses them frequently on his non-architectural assignments. Personally, Lutz is drawn to scenes that negate the physical human presence. He is interested in space that is made, inhabited or visited by people, but at the time of photographing no person should be present within.